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KEEP Reading. KEEP Curious.

Reading connects kids with things they love and topics that are important to them. Students and teachers depend on our school library for access to the most accurate, age-appropriate knowledge and  research tools. They can find what they need because our library is fully integrated into the instructional program at Loma and our librarians play a critical role in shaping a school culture that cultivates reading for pleasure and  helps students become digitally literate.

Get to Know Nicole Fichthorn

A true Californian native, born and raised in San Jose - Nicole has lived in the Santa Cruz Mountains for the last 10 years with her family - all avid readers who enjoy math and science and love all things baseball, basketball and volleyball.  She has been the librarian at Loma for nine years now - leaving a career as an aerospace engineer. She became our elementary school librarian after she had her own family and found her passion for reading and encouraging children to learn through reading. Her life long passion for reading has always provided the necessary fuel for her love of learning. Outside of school you can find her hiking, walking her dog, or spending time with her family and knitting! 
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The biggest goal I have for the students is to develop a love for reading.  If a student loves to read, it opens the door to a life-long journey of learning.
Nicole Fichthorn - Loma Librarian