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What is LPEF’s “Jail n Bail”?


The Loma Public Education Fund (LPEF) will be issuing (fake!) arrest warrants for any community member who has volunteered or agreed to participate. These arrestees will be responsible for raising enough bail money to earn their release from jail! All bail money goes directly to LPEF in support of CT English and Loma Prieta Elementary schools.


We will be issuing the warrants throughout the weeks leading to the main event, which is an adults-only evening on Saturday, April 22 from 7 - 10 pm at Bruno’s Bar & Grill in Scotts Valley. (Bruno’s has generously donated their space for us to use, in support of our schools!)


Either during the event, or leading up to it, arrestees will need to reach out to their contacts (ie. friends, family, colleagues, even random acquaintances) to solicit bail donations. Each arrestee will have set up a donation link on CauseVox where their supporters can submit payments. When their bail target is hit, they are free to go and enjoy the festivities!




Who do I know who will be arrested?


We’ll be maintaining a list of outstanding warrants here! Our current list includes Superintendent Kevin Grier, Summit Store’s Ben Abeln, and our very own Jeremy Merrick!


Can I request that a neighbor or friend be arrested?


Yes! Please use our ‘crimestoppers’ reporting page to tattle on your community members! 


Am I going to be arrested?


Maybe! Would you like to be? If so, please report yourself!


Don’t want to be arrested?


No problem: When you hear from us, simply give us a cheerful, “No, thanks!” and you’re off the list. 


How is the bail amount set?


Arrestees get to request a bail amount. We don’t want to put anyone in an awkward position!

What if I can’t make my bail by the end of the event? Am I responsible for it?

We just ask that you try your best! If you don’t make your bail by the end of the night, you’re always welcome to do community service hours with LPEF, wink wink ;-)

Do I need to be at Bruno’s on Saturday, April 22 from 7-10 to participate? 


No! We’d love to see you there, but understand if you can’t make it. We’ll still happily accept your bail money.

Do I need to pay someone’s bail?


An arrestee you know and love may call on you for support, but the choice of whether or not to contribute is fully up to you.


What does a ticket to the event get me?


A $25 ticket gets you entry into Bruno’s and one beer, wine, or well cocktail. It also gets you front row seats to see your favorite neighborly felons behind bars! All other drinks and any food may be purchased at the event. 


I’ve been served a warrant! How do I set up my donation site?


We will include CauseVox instructions in your warrant.

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