Members of the Leadership Circle (individuals, teams, and businesses) are recognized for demonstrating a level of generosity that is transformative, by donating or directly raising $2,500 or more during the academic fiscal year to LPEF’s annual fund.*
We invite you to help LPEF kick-off our annual Spring KEEP! Campaign and become one of our newest members of LPEF’s Leadership Circle. 
As a Leadership Circle member, you will be recognized as part of a distinguished group dedicated to building a bright future for our mountain kids. Together, we hope to strengthen LPEF’s positive impact and encourage a community dedicated to our children and education.  
How to Join
Please make a direct donate through PayPal, Causevox, or send in a check with the Leadership Circle membership acceptance form.
Want to create a team?
Please contact finance@lpef.org if you would like to fundraise to join the Leadership Circle.

Thank You to our inaugural members of the LPEF Leadership Circle

Last Updated ​5/07/21






Asheghian, Daniel and Erin

Biagini-Pennell, ​Kate and Pennell, Robert 

Chen, Jennifer and Bobby

Curren,​Ben and Genia 

Dorn, ​Stacey

Fairweather Haye Family

Fazzio Family

Feinstein Family

Fowler, ​Amy 

Gallagher, Niall and Deborah

Gallup, Tiffaney and Bob

Hart, ​Bevan and AmyJo 

Hayes, Amy and John

Hughmanick, Alexandra and Doug

Hunt, ​Brad and Lori 

Jeanette, Don and Gerda

Kanter, ​Hillary and Scott 

Stone Logan, ​Gem and Stone, Ted 

Lofte, ​Leanna and David 

Moe, ​Justin and Peeraya (Baicha) 

Njuguna, Elizabeth

The Nolans

Norwitz, Lisa and Neal

Reierson, Don and Gallagher-Reierson, Lauren

Sanders, ​Susan and Jon

Shugar Family

Sidlauskas, ​Dave and Barb 

Simpson-Bint, ​Caroline and Jonathan 

Steffen, Sara and Manny 

Towery, ​Nathan and Courtney

Trombetta,  Diane

Volpe, James and Belom, Anna

Wachob, Sean and Khanh

Walter, Jason and Casey

Wells, Stephanie and Stephen

Woods, ​Matthew  and Vidler, Amanda

Xuan, ​Fan Si and Patrick

Teams, Businesses, Organizations



Loma HSC

Karen Izzo and Rebecca Smith - Sereno

Open Homes Photography Inc. 

Trail Ridge Team


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