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Thank You For Making a Difference

July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022

Together we build futures for all of our mountain kids!
Lists last updated June 1, 2022

Leadership circle

Members of the Leadership Circle  (individuals and teams) are recognized for demonstrating a level of generosity that is transformative, by donating or directly raising $2,500 or more during the academic fiscal year to LPEF’s annual fund.*

*Does not include in kind donations and purchases for goods and services at the Gala, corporate sponsorships, and company matching. 


Chen, Jennifer and Bobby

Cramer Family

Fairweather Haye Family

Fazzio Family

Gallagher-Reierson Family

Hagedorn Family

Harell Family

Lofte, Leanna and David

Martin, Dr. Billy and Don Perry

Moe, Justin and Baicha

Myers, Melanie and Michael

Myers, Aimee and Justin

Nolan Family

Norowitz, ​Lisa

Schwager, Stacy

Shugar,  Nams and Peter

Singh Family

Steffen, Sara and Manny

Stiehl, Kurt and Heidi

Volpe, James and Anna Belom

Walter Family

Wells Family

Zang, Jerry

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Please keep in mind everything at LPEF is done by volunteers!




Adams, Mark

Adams, Stacey

Arnold, Kevin and Deana

Barber, Nanette

Beth, Denise

Bevans-Franks, Eileen

Biagini-Pennell, ​Kate and Pennell, Robert

Bieber, Emily

Black, Heidi

Blasingame, Christine

Bonotto, Nic and Suzie

Bourque, Julie and Ronald

Bowen, Michelle

Bresson, Sofia

Brown, Brooke

Burton, Sandy

Buszko, Andrzej

Cassell, Chris and Jamie

Coscarart Family

Cuevas Family

Cunningham, Elizabeth and Kevin

DePiazza, Elizabeth and Dave

Dorn, Stacey

Ekhilevsky, Jennifer

Ematrudo, Christopher

Fahrenholz, Vicki

Fairweather Kraeger, Gaye and Brook

Farrow, Ellen and Chris Ematrudo

Feinstein, Casey and Kourtney

Fuqua, James and Renee

Fuqua, Peter

Fuqua-Parks, Beth

Gallagher, Niall

Ginat / Hertz, Roi

Girard, Kimberley and Robert



Gomez, Danielle and Fredy

Graziosi, Nicole & Mateo

Haff, Julie

Hagedorn, Jessica and Eric

Hagedorn, Karen

Hagedorn, Pam

Harrington, Ann

Hart, Bevan and AmyJo

Harville, Lydia

Hastings, Troy and Lori

Hayes, Amy

Herrera, George

Hessenflow, Allan

Hessing, Steven and Jitka

Hiltgen, Dale and Tina

Hughmanick, Alexandra

Hutchison, Katherine

Ignoffo, Michele and Joseph Culver

Infantino, Sam and Shelby

Jay, Julie

Jones, Lila

Kanter, Scott and Hillary

Kim, Nora

Krikos, Helen

Kula, Allyn

Large, Sean

List, John and Lesley Louden

Lopp, Rachelle

Mailliet Storm, Elodie

Maksim, Samantha

Marin, Raquel

Mayer, Martin & Nancy

McCrery, Patricia

Merrick, Jeremy and Suzanne

Meyerhofer, Peter and Darci

Minton, Alanna

Montion Arambula, Efrain




MorFar, MorMor

Morita, Juliet Vocal

Munyi, Liz

Nelson, Katie and Aaron

Nolan, Lisa

Ollmann, Jessica and Ian

Ondo-Estokova, Antonia

Parker, Janet

Phillis, Leah

Richards, Jon

Rowland, Randall

Seng, Rebecca

Seymour, Jackie

Shab, Brian and Teresa

Shugar, Kathleen

Smith, Rebecca and Mark

Sreekrishnan, Tara

Stark, Emily

Storm, Elodie Mailliet

Tang, Crystal

Templeton, Cari

Thomas, Courtney

Thompson, Marisa

Van Leeuwen, Carly

Walnes, Jaimie

Wang, Joanne and Jason Woytowich

Weber, Trevor

Wells, Sharon

Werdebaugh, Chris and Cristina

Wimboeck, Stephanie

Witmer, Gregory and Rebecca



corporate matching grants

Thank You to all corporations who have provided a matching grant, and to all of our donors who applied for grants.

2020-2021 KEEP Leadership Circle





Asheghian, Daniel and Erin

Biagini-Pennell, ​Kate and Pennell, Robert

Chen, Jennifer and Bobby

Curren,​Ben and Genia

Dorn, ​Stacey

Fairweather Haye Family

Fazzio Family

Feinstein Family

Fowler, ​Amy

Gallagher,  Niall. and Deborah

Gallup, Tiffaney and Bob

Hart, ​Bevan and AmyJo

Hayes, Amy and John

Hughmanick, Alexandra and Doug

Hunt, ​Brad and Lori

Jeanette, Don and Gerda

Kanter, ​Hillary and Scott

Stone Logan, ​Gem and Stone, Ted 

Lofte, ​Leanna and David

Moe, ​Justin and Peeraya (Baicha)

Njuguna, Elizabeth

The Nolans

Norwitz, Lisa  and Neal

Ollmann, Jessica and Ian

Reierson, Don and Gallagher-Reierson, Lauren

Sanders, ​Susan and Jon

Sanders, Paul and Laura

Shugar Family

Sidlauskas, ​Dave and Barb

Simpson-Bint, ​Caroline and Jonathan

Singh Family

Steffen, Sara and Manny

Towery, ​Nathan and Courtney

Trombetta,  Diane

Villemaire, Janice

Volpe, James and Belom, Anna

Wachob, Sean and Khanh

Walter, Jason and Casey

Wells, Stephanie and Stephen

Woods, ​Matthew  and Vidler, Amanda

Xuan, ​Fan Si and Patrick



Loma HSC

Karen Izzo and Rebecca Smith - Sereno

Open Homes Photography Inc. 

Trail Ridge Team


2020-2021 KEEP Supporters

Abramyan, Lucy

Alanis, Angelica

Anderson, Britt and Karyn

Anderson, Diana

Aneila, Casa

Arias, Erika

Arnold, Kevin and Deana

Asheghian, Laila

Barber, Milton

Barber, Cliff and Nanette

Becker, Kristin

Dan and Eileen Franks Family

Biagini, Kate and Pennell, Robert

Blasingame, Christine

Breed, LMH

Brown, Walt and Linda

Brozell, Adrian

Burton, Sandy

Caldwell, Josh and Tammy

Carlo Salinger, Karen and Carlo, Christopher

Cassell, Chris and Jamie

Cismondi, Christopher and Amanda

Cohen, Randy

Connally, Kyle and Danielle

The Conti-Chen Family

Cramer, David and Jennifer

Cuevas, Pedro and Ani

Cullinane Murray, Cathy and Murray,  Kevin

Cunningham, Kevin and Elizabeth

Daane, Maria

Daniher, John and Jennifer

David, Caroline and David, Ricardo

De Souza, Beth and Malcom

DePiazza, David and Elizabeth

Deutscher, Kelly

Dorn, Kevin and Stacey

Duggan, Jennifer and Maupas, Jean

Edwards, Shannon

Eldridge, Simon and Kate

Ellenberger, Kathryn

Emerick, Kristine and Kenneth

Family Ramsay

Family Huang-Bergeron

Farley, TImothy

Flint, Gary

Foster, Gina

Fraser, Lisa

Gail Mantey, Ursula

Gallup, Nansi

Gantly, Ruth and Garcia, Bruce

Golomb, Gary and Jessica

Gomes, Sherry

Gomez, Nicole and David

Graziosi, Mateo and Nicole

Greene, John

Greeninger, Adolph

Grosjean-Froeming, Claire and Froeming, Danny

Hagedorn, Jessica

Hagedorn, Pamela and Hagedorn, Richard

Harrington, Ann

Hart, Bevan and AmyJo

Hastings, Troy and Lori

Haye-Winget, Jane

Hessenflow, Allan

Hessing, Steven and Jitka

Hiltgen, Dale and Tina

Horton, Eric

Hughes, Patti

Hunsbedt, Kristen

Jager, Kelli

Johnson, Jared

Jones, Lila and Turkalj,  Dean

Setziol, Rebecca and Ivan

Siersema, Phillippa

Sinclair; Christa and Rob

Smith, Rebecca and Mark

Smith, Dennis and Sharon

Sodos, Jonathan

Stanton. Julie and Richard

Stone Logan, Gem and Logan, Te

Storm, Brian and Mailliet Storm, Elodie

Tang, Crystaland Potts, Michelle

Templeton, Cari

Tornincasa, Heather

Tornincasa, Natalie

Tornincasa, Don and Julie

Tornincasa, Larry

Towery, Nathan and Courtney

Vance, Cathy and Jeff

Vermilion, Brian

Volpe, Katherine and Brian

Weisbach, John and Christina

Weiss, Elizabeth

Werdebaugh. Chris and Cristina

Whitaker, Ruth

Whiteley, Brian

Wilson, Bonnie

Wilson-Tosetti, Diane and Tosetti, Tommy

Wimboeck, Ulrich and Stephanie

Wong, Wendy

Woods, Matthew and Vidler,Amanda

Woodthorpe, Janet and Chris

Xuan, Peiqi

Yontz, John and Carol

Zanotto, Kendra and Copp, Justin

Zerweck, Susan

Zook, Karren and Resnikoff, David

corporate matching grants


Whitney Education Foundation


Thank You to all corporations who have provided a matching grant, and to all of our donors who applied for grants.

Jones, Koren and Chris

Jones, Gina and Tariq

Kendall, Martha

Kim, Nora and Denman, Donn

Kim, Eleanor and Steinau, Paul

Kinnear, Deann

Kooyers, Kim and Mains, Derick

Kraeger, Brook and Fairweather Kraeger, Gay

Krikos, Alexandra and Engelke, David

Kula, Tom and Allyn

Laird, Edith and Andrew

Langan, Oliver

Lanovaz, Nancy

LeCornu, Kate and Herb

Lelake, Cindy

Lelake, Casey

Lelake, Amory

Linden, Kerri

List, John and Louden, Lesley

Lofte, Leanna and David

Longhi, Aldo

Mangan, Barry

Marasco, David

Marin, Raquel

Marsh, Jason and Sorensen, Helle

Mayer, Nancy

Mcgrath, Pat

McKee, Kazuko

McKown, William and Alice

McMahon, David and Dina

Mendonca, Luciana and Buller, Brian

Meshenberg, Ruslan and Arkhangelskaya, Nadya

Milheim, Kimiko and Scott

Miller, Elise

Mlyniec, Victoria

Moe, Justin and Baicha

Moilanen, Kathy

Moneger, Alexandre and Peigne, Julia

Montion, Efrain and Cuevas, Eloisa

Mor, Nili & Tal, Johnathan

Mozdean, Heather and Paraskevopoulos, Damien

Myers, Michael

Nelson, Aaron

Newman, Kathleen

Nguyen, Huyen

Nolan, Lisa

Olivella Sierra, Andres

Ondo-Estokova, Antonia and Buszko, Andrzej

Papp, Caitlin

Parker, Laura and Randy

Parker, Janet

Patino, Kacie and William

Pearson, Esther

Perry, Travis

Ramon, Denise

Rea, Mary

Riccomini, Janis

Riese, Jennifer and Michael

Robinson, Debbie and Craig

Ronen, Lior

Rowland, Randall and Rowland, Diane

Rowland, Adelia and David

Samaan, Gabriele

Sanders, Susan and Jonathan

Schmidt, Kimberly and Nathan

Schwehr, Rita

Schwehr, Ken

Schwehr, Jeanne

Scopazzi, Julie and Avery, Tim

Scott, Randy

The Seng Family

See what some of our families have to say about our schools

It is the parent community that prioritized a well rounded education to include STEM, sports and music.  But it is the Loma Prieta Educational Fund that helps to realize the many things that contribute to this broader educational experience, such as: K-8 Music and Art, the CT and Loma Libraries, STEM instruction, student support services and physical education.

Rob Fong, Parent and community member

Let's Build a Community  of Giving  -  Together!

Art, Music, Drama, Spanish and library have given my kids an amazing foundation that will help them in their future endeavors. These programs are filled with phenomenal teachers who encourage our kids to learn and grow in an environment that is caring and friendly.

Suzanne Merrick, Parent and Volunteer

Our donor thank you list  is updated weekly. Please allow 7 days for your name to display.  
Donations made through work may not be received by LPEF until the end of the month or quarter, and some employers do not share the names of donors.
For questions, please email

Keep Excellent Education Programs

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