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2023-2024 Donor List
Coming Soon!

Thank you to all of our incredible supporters!

July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023

Lists last updated June 15, 2023

Leadership circle

Members of the Leadership Circle  (individuals and teams) are recognized for demonstrating a level of generosity that is transformative, by donating or directly raising $2,500 or more during the academic fiscal year to LPEF’s annual fund.*

*Does not include in kind donations and purchases for goods and services at the Gala, corporate sponsorships, and company matching. 

Anderson Family

Baring Family

Chen Family

Ematrudo-Farrow Family

Fazzio Family

Gallagher-Reierson Family

Girard Family

Ha Family

Hagedorn Family

Harell Family

Hughmanick Family

Infantino Family

Kruse Family

Lofte Family

Moe Family

Myers Family

Nolan Family

Perkins Family

Schwager Family

Shugar FamilyDave and Barb Sidlauskus, Dave and Barb

Singh Family

Steffan Family

Stiehl Family

Volpe Family

Wachob Family

Walter Family

Don't see your name where it should be? Email Us
Please keep in mind everything at LPEF is done by volunteers!

Friends of Loma

Friends of Loma members have generously donated at or above the suggested level for their family.*

*LPEF suggests an annual donation of $1000 for one child and $1500 for families with two or more children”

*Does not include in kind donations and purchases for goods and services at the Gala, corporate sponsorships, and company matching. 

Birnbauer, Ray

Bresson Family

Brozell Family

Buszko Family

Cramer Family
DePiazza Family

Fairweather Haye Family

Fletcher, Robert

Froelich Family
Funds raised in memory of Christa Sinclair

Graziosi Family

Hayes Family

Hutchison- Kenney Family

Hessing Family
Hessenflow Family

List-Louden Family

Mailliet-Storm Family

Montion Family,
Nelson Family

Njuguna Family

Patino Family

Trombetta, Diane

Van Leeuwen Family,
Weber Family

Witmer Family

Xuan Family

Zhang Family




Barber Family

Beyhm, Tara

Brown Family

Burton Family

CT Leo’s Club

Duggan Family
Eldridge Family

Fathauer Family

Feinstein Family

Frieze Family
Harit Family

Hastings Family

Hochleutner Family

Herrera, Denise

Hughes, Patti
Ignoffo, Michelle

Kimie, Patricia

Li-Rosi, Sandra

McBride Family

McGowan Family,
McGrath, Pat

Meyer, Stephen

Moitozo, Lila

Ollman Family,

Peters, James
Peterson, Jane

Phillis, Leah

Rivera Family

Rowland Family

Scholer Family
Secviar Family

Sellery, Rose

Setziol Family

Stetter Family

Tang Family,
Tarica, David

Templeton, Cari

Thomas Family

Weinacht, Willian

Werdebaugh Family, 



corporate matching grants

Thank You to all corporations who have provided a matching grant, and to all of our donors who applied for grants.

See what some of our families have to say about our schools

It is the parent community that prioritized a well rounded education to include STEM, sports and music.  But it is the Loma Prieta Educational Fund that helps to realize the many things that contribute to this broader educational experience, such as: K-8 Music and Art, the CT and Loma Libraries, STEM instruction, student support services and physical education.

Rob Fong, Parent and community member

Let's Build a Community  of Giving  -  Together!

Art, Music, Drama, Spanish and library have given my kids an amazing foundation that will help them in their future endeavors. These programs are filled with phenomenal teachers who encourage our kids to learn and grow in an environment that is caring and friendly.

Suzanne Merrick, Parent and Volunteer

Our donor thank you list  is updated weekly. Please allow 7 days for your name to display.  
Donations made through work may not be received by LPEF until the end of the month or quarter, and some employers do not share the names of donors.
For questions, please email

Keep Excellent Education Programs

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