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A deeper connection with our schools begins right here. To provide excellence in education, opportunities for our kids to explore what they are passionate about, and to develop the next generation -  we rely on the generous support of parents and guardians, involved community members, and volunteers. 
Connect with us

Get Involved

Choose how you want to get involved with LPEF.  Donate your time, your talents, and your services. In return, connect with a community of generous and dedicated volunteers who all share the same love for our schools.


We can't do it without you. Did you know that our fundraising supports education that extends beyond the core curriculum into the broader co-curricular programs for Loma Elementary and C.T. English Middle schools?

Support us and partner in our success.



The annual Gala is one of the top attractions on the mountain. It attracts a diverse audience all who share a love for our schools. With you donations, sponsorship, and volunteer effort we can keep our operating costs low to maximize our fundraising efforts.

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KEEP! is our direct giving campaign that funds essential co-curricular programs at our schools. We encourage all families to participate in the campaign. Sign up for monthly donations or give a one-time gift. 

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Become a Sponsor

Do you want to enhance your business reputation? Promote your brand to an audience of opinion makers? Entertain your clients in style at our Gala and other events? Then become an LPEF Event Sponsor. Our events reach a very diverse audience audience. Let's work together.

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