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Dear Mountain Community,


I am a little late in reporting on our 2015-16 fiscal year – but quite frankly, I decided to take the summer to relax! I am, however, truly inspired by the results. We have raised over $370K for our 2016-17 academic year. We are thrilled with the results.


Our Gala was a huge success, as was our Golf Tournament. Our community fundraisers (Shop for our Schools, SIP for our Schools, and Loma Day at Peacock Tree Farm) all generated more money this year than ever before. It was another year where our community was asked once again to contribute far above and beyond - and you delivered.


Because of your hard work and generous contributions, our schools are going to continue to have amazing programs. We have once again granted and funded these items. They are:


Tier 1

Developmental PE @ Loma

Library Services @ CT

Library Services @ Loma


Tier 2

K-8 Student Support Services and Counseling

Core Flexibility and Elective Options for 8th Grade


Tier 3

Music – K-5

Core Flexibility and Elective Options for 6th and 7th Grade


Tier 4

Technology Instruction: Educational Technology Specialist (part-time)

Inclusive Enrichment for Grades 4-8

Art in Action


We are very appreciative of a generous donation from the Loma Home and School Club, which paid for Art in Action in its entirety as well as funded the other half of Music – to allow for us to make music a FULL TIME offering! 


LPEF will soon meet with our District's Administration to discuss the final costs and implementation of these programs.


It is also with mixed emotions that I announce that I will be stepping down as President of LPEF. It has been my pleasure to serve on the board for the past four years, three years at the helm. I have truly valued my time and have learned so much about what an amazing community we are.


I will stay on the Board for at least the next year as I still very much want to be a part of LPEF’s successes, particularly as our new President, Ben Abeln takes LPEF into the future. Ben’s commitment to LPEF and our schools has been unwavering for many years already. Ben is an alumni and his son Mason will be an incoming Kinder student. For those of you who know Ben, you know his energy and enthusiasm will be at the forefront of his leadership at LPEF. I for one am very excited to see what he has planned for LPEF!


Under Ben’s leadership, we are proud to be staying true to our mission: funding enhanced and diverse educational opportunities for our children. Thank you for allowing us to do just that!


The start of school is just around the corner – we will see you soon!




Joni Thomas

President, 2013-2016

Loma Public Education Fund

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