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FAQ Makerspace & STEM Lab

Why is LPEF having an end of year giving campaign?
LPEF’s goal is to fund our student’s future at the Loma Prieta School District by raising donations to support additional educational opportunities at each School. With the end of the calendar year near, LPEF and LPSD are committed to launching a new initiative to bring a Makerspace / STEM Lab opportunities to our elementary and middle school students.

Why fund a Makerspace / STEM Lab for the Loma Prieta School District?
LPEF and LPSD had conversations with students, parents and teachers and a Makerspace / STEM Lab was a clear priority for each group. LPEF also reviewed similar school districts in the Bay Area and beyond to view their educational priorities.  Through a Makerspace / STEM Lab and associated curriculum students receive hands-on experience and expand their understanding and passion for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) 


What is a Makerspace / STEM Lab?
A school Makerspace / STEM Lab is a place where students have an opportunity to explore their own interests involving Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. They learn to use tools and materials, both physical and virtual and develop creative projects through hands-on efforts. In a 21st century where technology takes on greater importance the value of hands-on projects where students solve real-world problems and demonstrate mastery is a requirement for high school readiness. 

Why is LPEF raising $25,000 for this space and program and how will the funds be used?
LPEF is committed to an initial raise of $25k to fund the development of the actual space as well as the initial curriculum. This includes but is not limited to, transforming an existing space on campus, developing and purchasing curriculum, purchasing equipment as needed, and funding instruction during and after school.

Why raise $25,000 in one month?
LPEF knows the mountain community is committed to this kind of hands-on teaching of our students and expects to raise the initial funds to start implementation of the Makerspace / STEM Lab plan build-out in early 2019. 

How will the funds be spent?
As with traditionally funded LPEF activities, the Loma Prieta Unified School District administration will request funds from LPEF to cover the cost of specific activities and expenses associated with the Makerspace / STEM Lab.

Where will the Makerspace / STEM Lab be located?
Initial plans are to convert a space located on the Loma Prieta Elementary campus that will serve both the Elementary and Middle Schools. 

What is the timeline for developing the Makerspace / STEM Lab and when will it open to students?
Unlike traditional LPEF funding activities that raise funds for the following academic year, all of the funds raised during this end of year campaign will go directly towards the Makerspace / STEM Lab and STEM activities during the current school year.

How do I donate to the Makerspace / STEM Lab initiative?
Unless otherwise noted by the donor, any donation in December will be earmarked specifically for the development of the Makerspace / STEM Lab and its’ curriculum. You can donate here.

How is this donation tied to KEEP?
The funds raised during this campaign are NOT at all connected to KEEP, which historically occurs in the Spring and is the direct giving campaign aimed at funding the  school districts established programs falling under each of four funding tiers.

How much should I donate?
If every family contributed $50/child we would raise the needed $25,000.

Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes, we are a nonprofit and therefore all donations are tax deductible. To be eligible to use your donation as tax deductible for 2018 you must donate by December 31, 2018.

How do I find out if my company offers donation matching and how do I secure that match? 
While each company is different, we recommend you contact your HR department. Also, our treasurer would be happy to help. Please email Claire at for help.


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