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See what some of our families have to say about our schools

It is the parent community that prioritized a well rounded education to include STEM, sports and music.  But it is the Loma Prieta Educational Fund that helps to realize the many things that contribute to this broader educational experience, such as: K-8 Music and Art, the CT and Loma Libraries, STEM instruction, student support services and physical education.

Rob Fong, Parent and community member

We are all committed to creating the best possible education experience for all students

Art, Music, Drama, Spanish and library have given my kids an amazing foundation that will help them in their future endeavors. These programs are filled with phenomenal teachers who encourage our kids to learn and grow in an environment that is caring and friendly.

Suzanne Merrick, Parent and Volunteer

We can't fully educate the next generation without your engagement

Keep Excellent Education Programs

Working together  we will build strong futures for all of the children in Loma Elementary and C.T. English Middle schools.

The Donor Thank You list  is updated weekly. Please allow 7 days for your name to display.  Note: Donations made through work may not be received by LPEF until the end of the month or quarter and some employers do not share the names of donoros. If you see any discrepencies or want to inform us of a donation please email

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