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Happy Children


You see it in their smiles, in their play, and in the friendships they make. You see it in their choices, in their resilience, and their everyday efforts. Our kids depend on LPEF for opportunities to thrive and grow.

LPEF Priorities 22/23

  1. Stay the course and fund education programs for all kids- We have a strong commitment to our focus areas.

  2. Run a robust annual Spring KEEP! direction donation campaign. All LPEF annual fundraising is through passive income and direction donation this year.

  3. Our mission is to KEEP alive the opportunities that our kids have at our schools through our fundraising efforts to KEEP our teachers and KEEP essential programs at Loma Elementary and C.T. English Middle schools.

  4. LPEF supports high academic achievement for local students and the retention of qualified and experienced teachers.

We are committed to our mission, and we are focused on our priorities to raise funds for educational programs at Loma Elementary and CT English Middle schools. These programs have included music and band, STEAM, library services, student counseling and intervention support, education technology support, developmental PE, middle school electives, and art.

LPEF grants to the LPJUSD fund teacher salaries that support these programs. We continue to work with the LPJUSD district and the public community Budget Advisory Committee (BAC) to align our fundraising goals with elementary and middle school student needs for the 22/23 school year.

Help Us reach our goal

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