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Send us your questions about LPEF, our KEEP! campaign, events, and fundraisers.
We'll answer them below.  

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About KEEP!

What is KEEP! (Keep Excellent Education Programs)?
  • KEEP! is the LPEF annual direct giving campaign.
  • It usually raises over half of the LPEF annual budget - however due COVID and the inability to hold any of our fundraising events, this year our KEEP! campaign is our sole chance to fundraise to support school teachers and programs for 21/22.
  • We reach out to Loma and CT families to donate to KEEP essential programs. Our goal is to have 100% family participation.
  • We reach out to alumni and our community to invest in our schools.
  • All donations count.
What does KEEP! Fund?
KEEP! funds staff and programs in both of our schools.
  • Music and Band (K-8)
  • Developmental  P.E. (K-5)
  • Library services (K-8)
  • Student counseling and support services (K-8)
  • Education technology specialists (K-8)
  • Loma science (K-5)
  • CTE Middle school electives (6-8)
  • Art (K-8)
What is the recommended KEEP! donation per family?
We ask each school family to donate what they can afford, however the numbers below are our recommendations based on the cost to educate our kids :
$1500  - A family donation (2 or more kids) 
$1000 - A single child donation 
What happens if we don’t meet our KEEP! Goal?
LPEF funds school programs that can not be funded by the district - due to budget shortfalls.
If we do not meet our goal for KEEP! we will have to reduce our program offering to kids at school.
Why does the KEEP! fundraising goal change?
  • The cost of educational programs change.
  • We adapt educational programs to meet the needs of our kids.
  • The district shortfall, annual revenues and expenses, and event fundraising revenues (The Gala, Fore the Kids Golf Tournament) vary from year to year.
  • The annual contributions by the Loma Prieta and CTE Home & School Clubs have decreased over the years.
I donated to KEEP! but my name is not on the donor list - why is that?
  • It can take up to seven days to recognize donors on our website.
  • If you donated to KEEP! through your company matching program there can be processing delays in getting the funds to us. Please email of your donation so that we can follow up if we do not see the donation come through.
What is the goal for KEEP! 2021?
Our goal this year is to raise as much  funds as we can to bridge the gap in funding.Our goal is $650,000.
How do I donate to the KEEP! campaign?
  • You can donate online at:
  • You can write a check and mail your donation to LPEF (23800 Summit Road,Los Gatos, CA 95033) or drop your donation at the Loma Prieta or CT office.
  • You can donate through your work if you have a matching campaign.
When does the KEEP! Campaign end?
The deadline for our KEEP! Campaign is June 30, 2019.
Is my donation tax-deductible?
Yes, all donations are tax deductible as we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
To be eligible to use your donation as tax deduction for 2022 you must donate by December 31, 2021.
Can I sign up to make monthly donations?
Absolutely! This is a wonderful way to spread out your donation.
You can sign up to make monthly donations here,
How do I find out if my company offers donation matching and how do I secure that match?
While each company is different, we recommend you contact your HR department. Also, our treasurer would be happy to help. Please email for help.

About LPEF

What is LPEF?
LPEF stands for the Loma Public Education Fund(LPEF). LPEF was created in 2001 and is a fundraising organization dedicated to raising money for the Loma Prieta Joint Union School District (LPJUSD). There are two schools in this district - Loma Prieta elementary and CT English middle schools. The funds are earmarked to the schools for the enhancement and enrichment of core academic offerings. Governing board members are volunteer parents and community members that meet regularly with the superintendent, principal, teachers and parents to develop funding priorities.
What is the goal of LPEF?
LPEF’s goal is to fund our student’s future at the Loma Prieta School District by raising donations to support additional educational opportunities at each School.


About Matching Grants


What does the match challenge mean for your personal donations?  
All donations received during the campaign period (April 19 through May 28) will be matched by our generous donor up to 100K. This includes monthly donations. 
How do I know if there are still matching funds available?  
Keep watch on the real-time total on our KEEP! fundraising page at .  We launched the campaign with donations totaling $211,000 - thanks to our incredible early supporters. Donations up to $311,000 will be matched.  
Can checks and PayPal donations be matched?  
Absolutely - checks and PayPal donations received during the match period will qualify for the matching donation. Please make checks out to LPEF and mail to LPEF, 23800 Summit Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033.   Please email  to let us  know how you would like to be acknowledged and if you would like your name to be included on our campaign platform. Without contacting us, donations made by check or PayPal will be entered on the campaign site as anonymous donations.  
I made my donation through my employer matching portal - do those count? 
Yes!  We just need to receive a copy of your receipt as soon as the donation has been made. Portals like Benevity do not immediately deposit funds or show us who made donations.  As soon as your donation is made, please email receipts to
Do the corporate matches from my employer count towards the match?  
The grant is intended for individual donors.  Corporate matches do not qualify for additional granting funds, however they are a vital part of our overall success.
How do I find LPEF in my employer giving portal?  
Search for "Loma Public Education Fund". Check that you wrote "Loma Public" and not "Loma Prieta". It’s a common mistake.
Will there be other matches available? 
We always have  sponsorship opportunities for businesses or individuals who want to provide funding towards a challenge grant!   Sponsorship opportunities start at $500. Please email
Does Apple, Inc. have a 2-for-1 match in April?
Apple is matching all eligible employee donations 2-for-1 until April 30, 2021.
 If you are an Apple employee, please consider making your donation and complete the necessary paperwork prior to April 30th.  If you know an Apple employee, please reach out to them to make a donation!   
Can I source my  contribution through Benevity?
Yes, but please send a screenshot or receipt of the donation to and we will make sure it gets counted for the private donor match. Corporate matching funds via Benevity can take weeks to get to the beneficiary and the organization cannot see who gave the gifts and the individual amounts (including what portion is from donor vs. corporate match) until closer to when the funds are received. 

About Funding in our District

What is the difference between LPEF and Measure R?
LPEF funds school programs (music, art, PE, library, support services, etc.) while Measure R funds building and critical security and infrastructure enhancements. Measure R, a school bond measure, was passed in June 2018.
Measure R Funds:
  • Repairs fire damaged classrooms, community center and school facilities
  • Updates water systems for drinking and fire suppression needs
  • Replaces outdated fire alarms, security systems, and improve exterior lighting for student safety and security
  • Replaces deteriorated plumbing, electrical systems and restroom facilities
  • Modernizes aging classroom technology infrastructure
  • Renovates north campus for school and community use


What is the difference between LPEF and the Loma Prieta & CT English Home & School Clubs?
While all organizations are essential for supporting the success of our schools - and we support each other, LPEF and the Home and school clubs have different goals. 
LPEF is a volunteer organization dedicated to raising money through fundraising to fund core academic offerings and enrichment programs at Loma Elementary and CT English Middle schools by providing grants to the schools. 
The C.T. English Home and School Club and Loma Prieta Home and School Club are non profit volunteer organizations who fundraise to sponsor classroom and teacher supplies and after-school enrichment programs and events for students. 

How Can I Help?

We love volunteers and are always looking for fresh energy and new ideas! If you would like to volunteer or have a great idea you want to share please email the LPEF president at,
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