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To Loma Prieta and CT English parents,


As LPEF's KEEP! programs moves into its third week, my message may be redundant. That's why it's better if I allow one of our parents to share why they choose to contribute. I'm turning the floor over to Azadeh and Jim Nolan, parents of two Loma students.  Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions about our KEEP! campaign.  




Joni Thomas


Loma Public Education Fund


Why the Nolans donate to KEEP!

1.  We believe in paying it forward; to give to our school and community without expectation of something in return.  Supporting the Gala, Golf and Sipping wine are great fun, but direct donations are our priority as 100% of the money goes directly to the school.

2.  The programs LPEF pays for are priceless in value added to my children’s education that increases their enthusiasm and love for learning.

3.  Supporting our small local school ensurse we maintain GREAT school programs and ratings not only for the sake of our children and school, but for our community as a whole.

                      GREAT Schools = INCREASE property value = BOOST in our economy


4.  We would rather donate to our children’s education than take a family vacation if we had to make the choice.

5.  The programs funded by KEEP! give my children and their friends the gift of a well-rounded education.

When we grew up in the public school system, offerings like library, music, PE, and counseling were a GIVEN.  We could not imagine NOT having had those programs growing up, and KEEP! makes sure our kids continue to have these areas of support and education even in the hardest economic times…times such as pre-Measure H where LPEF had to help fundraise just to have teachers in classes! I still can’t believe they did that for so long, it’s amazing! 

We still are in “hard-ish” times as library, PE, and counseling should be funded by government sources, but unfortunately they are not.  Measure H helps, but we still need more help. LPEF has been able to shift fundraising efforts to more enrichment programs now that our core classroom teachers are covered by Measure H.  These enrichment programs enhance our core education efforts and bring a well rounded education to our children.

Together as a mountain and a community we can distribute the cost to bring invaluable experiences to our children and our community on a whole. No matter how much or little one can donate: $1,200, $800 or $50. It adds up fast! I encourage all to donate what you can. It makes a direct difference!


The Nolans will donate what we can.  Will you?


Best regards,


Jim and Azadeh

Parsa (3rd grade) and Nima (1st grade)

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