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Diane Tosetti




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To Loma Prieta and CT English Parents and Guardians,



As our KEEP! fundraising efforts shift into gear, we are pleased to announce that we have funded our Tier 1 priorities for the 2017-’18 school year.

That’s a tribute to your sustained and continued generosity; your commitment to making our children’s education something richer and more well rounded than state financing will allow. 


So (as they say), if you’re keeping track at home, we have funded the following for next school year:

Developmental Physical Education at Loma
Library Services at CT English
Library Services at Loma Prieta 


This week of our KEEP! (Keep Excellent Education Programs) Campaign we turn our attention to Tier 2 priorities: 


K-8 Student Support Services and Counseling
Core Flexibility and Elective Options for 8th Grade


Tier 2, as with Tier 1, are priorities that we are already currently funding and would very much like to keep. The first of these Tier 2 priorities is largely self-explanatory and, we believe, bestows a benefit for our entire community. 

The second Tier 2 priority will allow 8th grade students to continue to pursue elective options including engineering, foreign language, advanced math and yearbook. These academic and extracurricular offerings not only nurture academic and creative advancement, they’re important touchstones in a vibrant middle-school experience. 


We consider the funding of these Tier 2 priorities an entirely worthwhile endeavor and hope you’ll give consideration to our suggested KEEP donation amounts of $800 for one child and $1,200 for two or more. Any donation amount is greatly appreciated and will help our community reach our goal. 

Please visit our website at for donation information or complete a donation form from our website or in the school offices. As always, if you have any questions or comments, please reach out to me at or another LPEF Volunteer Governing Board member. 


Thank you, 


Ben Abeln
LPEF President 




2017-18 KEEP! Funding Priorities


Tier 1

Developmental PE @ Loma

Library Services @ CT

Library Services @ Loma



Tier 2

K-8 Student Support Services and Counseling

Core Flexibility and Elective Options for 8th Grade


Tier 3

Music – K-5

Core Flexibility and Elective Options for 6th and 7th Grade


Tier 4

Technology Instruction:  Educational Technology Specialist

Inclusive Enrichment for Grades 4-8

Art In Action

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