2019/20 KEEP! Donors 

Thank You for Your Gift

Thank You to our
Family Sponsors
whose donations make a difference every day at school. 


Adams Family

Almaneih Family

Asheghian Family

Bowen Family

Biagini-Pennell Family

Bradbury Family

Bonotto Family

Barber Family

Buszko Family

Burton, Sandy

Buller Family

Bevans-Franks, Eileen

Bill Family

Carlo Family

Caldwell Family

Conners Family

Chen Family

Cabral Family

Cebrian Family

Cismondi Family

Crumley, ​Linda

Celinski Family

Chesters Family

Cunningham Family

Cramer Family

Clark, Annie

Craig Family

DePiazza Family

De Souza Family

Dorosti Family

Davis Family

Daniher Family

Dorn Family

Dion Family

Dang Family

DeSouza Family

Don Family

Eldridge Family

Eldridge Family

Emerick Family

Ekhilevsky Family

Fairweather-Haye Family

Friedman Family

Fong Family

Frise Family

Froelich Family

Feinstein Family

Fazzio Family

Golomb Family

Green Family

Galbo Family

Greene Family

Gomez Family

Gallagher Family

Garcia-Gantly Family

Garvey Family

Grosjean-Froeming Family

Gallup Family

Guardian, Nayla

Hall Family

Hall Family

Haas Family

Huang, Emily

Haberland Family

Hespeler Family

Harrington, ​Ann

Hunt Family

Hughmanick, ​Alexandra

Itzikowitz Family

Jones Family

Jones Family

Jensen Family

Jeanette Family

Kim Family

Kernion Family

Korb Family

Kanter Family

Kopcsak-Yeung Family

LaFournaise Family

Lopp Family

Lofte Family

Laird Family

Langan Family

List Family

Longhi Family

LeTourneau Family

Lewis Family

Murphree Family

Montion Family

Moneger Family

Mains Family

Mills Family

Myers Family

Moitoza Family

Marsh Family

Moore Family

Marin, Raquel

Merrick Family

Morris-Caffall Family

Morrissey Family

Malkos Family

Mozdean-Paraskevopoulos Family

Moe Family

McMahon Family

Mortensen Family

Meshenberg Family

Milheim Family

McKee Family

Nolan Family

Nguyen Family 

Ollman Family

Olson Family

Parker Family

Parker, ​Janet

Patchin Family

Potts Family

Plautz Family

Rexach Family

Randazzo Family

Rodenbaugh Family

Reierson Family

Rowland Family

Robinson Family

Riese Family

Roy Family

Roskow Family

Storm Family

Schmitt Family

Simpson-Bint Family

Sanders Family

Shab Family

Sarashki Family

Sullivan, ​Maureen

Smith Family

Slone Family

Steffen Family

Sinclair Family

Singh Family

Stanton Family

Suorsa Family

Scopazzi, Julie

Testa Family

Thomas Family

Trombetta Family

Towery Family

Tosetti Family

Thomas Family

Toeniskoetter Family​

Templeton Family

VanZante Family

Volpe Family

Vick Family

Velton Family

Vaughan Family

Wong Family

Wall/Wilsher Family

Wessels Family

Weisbach Family

Wilcox Family

Werdebaugh Family

Wachob Family

Weiss, Elizabeth

Wells Family

Weber Family

Woods Family

Young Family

Yapaola Family

Zook Family

Zhang Family


Thank You to our
Business Sponsors
who continually support our schools. 
Mark Smith from Victoria Capital Mortgage
Peninsula Builders
Kramer Development
The Carlo Law Group
Young Naturopathic
Outside-In Home

Keep Excellent Education Programs

Working together  through the KEEP! campaign we build strong futures for all of the children in Loma Elementary and C.T. English Middle schools.

Loma Public Education Fund (LPEF) is a 501(c)3 corporation. Tax ID # 03-0440872

All donations to LPEF are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Contact us at 23800 Summit Road, Los Gatos, CA 95033 - 408.657.3322